Community-Building through Active Participation

Regenerosity is a system for recognition of voluntary service, philanthropy & gift, civic engagement, trade, commerce, work, and any other contributions to the health and wealth of our communities. If you are a member of any community, whether as a person, as a non-profit organization, or as a for-profit business, there is something in it for you. As a person, you receive recognition for voluntarism, philanthropy, civic service, and many other types of community-building participation. As a non-profit organization, you receive tools for volunteer & donor recognition and access to untapped sources of support. As a for-profit business, you receive tools for customer loyalty & econometrics and access to untapped sources of working capital. As a school, you receive interactive tools for teaching economics & civics and for promoting community service. Everyone receives tools for measurement and analysis of social capital (their own and that of their communities) and practical tools to build community self-reliance and sustainable local economy, including community-based mutual credit systems.

Custom interfaces: full-featured, mutual-credit, local-exchange, time-exchange, service-learning.
Featured website: uses Regenerosity as a volunteer recognition system.

  1. Register an account. Enter a name and a password, and then click the Register button. (Next time, you would click the Login button instead.)

  2. Select an account type (person, nonprofit organization, or for-profit business), and then click the Update Profile button.

  3. Join a community. Select a community, and then click the Join button.

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